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Cover Reveal, Giveaway and Taint Series News

Hiya Baby cakes!

I'm so excited to show you guys the incredible cover for CLOSER, created by the amazingly talented Be Designs!

As always Ben just gets the inside of my brain, maybe it comes from being non-married for 21 years? Whatever the case, he absolutely nailed this cover. I heart it ridiculously hard.


Levi Quinn has it all—money, groupies, a panty-melting smile, and a really big d*ck.

At least, he had it all. Until an angry redhead joined the Taint world tour and turned his life upside-down. Levi fell in love with her. His bandmate did too. It did not end well.

Brielle Kagawa doesn’t keep company with rock stars, but when this gifted cellist finds herself kicked out of the Orchestre de Paris an all-expenses-paid gig in the south of France seems too good to be true.

Because it is.

The man footing the bill might be a disorderly drunk, but he has an offer she can’t refuse—stay in his chateau and play for the month. No strings attached.

Yeah right.

The truth about rock stars is that they’re awfully good players, but Levi isn’t the only one who knows how to master a set of strings.

He’s broken-hearted.

She doesn’t have a heart to break.

Did you know you guys can now PRE-ORDER Closer?

'Cause you totally can!


Releases August 21st

US: https://amzn.to/2KjuIiB

UK: https://amzn.to/2OxSH0S

AU: https://amzn.to/2vae0xB

CA: https://amzn.to/2v8JcgP

IT: https://amzn.to/2O3fMHT

So you're likely wondering what this news is all about.

*wrings hands*

Well ... here it is ...


Nope, not typo. You absolutely read that right.

When I started writing REVELRY I’d envisioned a four-book series where we got to play with some of the world’s hottest rock stars from Down Under. I promised fun, tour bus shenanigans, and some really, really HOT sex. And hopefully, it was all of those things and more.

CLOSER, however?

CLOSER was a very different experience.

This book unraveled me.

The more time I spent with Coop, Levi, Ash, and Zed the more these boys became my family, and the decision to turn the series into a duet was not entered into lightly.

It actually broke my heart.

But the more I thought about where the series would take us with each novel, the more I realized it began with Coop and Levi, and it was only right that it should end there too.

For three years I’d been trying to write it one way when it should have been headed in another direction entirely. Levi—the obstinate bastard—didn’t want to play my way. He dug in his heels and told me to go to hell! I did what all authors do … I told him to shut the hell up because this was my story, and I was going to write it as I saw fit.

And, boy, was I wrong.

Cut to three years later and I’ve sat down again to write this book. I announced an estimated release date. Ha! Take that powers of procrastination. I could no longer put off writing this book, so I glared at my stubborn rock star. He glared back. I bared my teeth desperately trying to assume the position of top dog … Alpha. He laughed in my face, and told me to get on my knees.

I did the unthinkable.

I did what all good authors did when a hot rock star with a twelve-inch cock told you to kneel. I knelt. I submitted. I sat the hell down, shut up, and I listened. And it was the best damn decision I ever made.

CLOSER, and the end of the Taint Duet, are now exactly as they should have been. I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I loved writing it. It wasn’t pretty, but love rarely is.

I hope you guys love this book as much as I loved writing it!

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The song is hers. I know it, though I’ve never heard it before. I know I’m the one who caused the kind of pain that’s pouring from her and across the strings. I know, because it sings to me. It draws me closer, and it speaks of all the horrible things I said and did. Her cello is my wrist and her bow is the scalpel. In a way, it feels as if cutting had been my vice, because every stroke is an open wound. It’s misery, and it echoes mine. I lean against the wall, because I can’t breathe. I close my eyes and just listen, just for a beat.

I deserve this.

I deserve to hear the hurt I caused, to feel it.


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