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Up to Snow Good

Bossy, much older, and beastly enough to put me over his knee, Niklaus Norgaard is the kind of Daddy most Littles dream of. That is, until you’re shipped off to live in his Mountain McMansion and forced to do chores. Ugh!

For a homeless Little on the run from the big bad biker club, you’d think sharing a Lumbersnack’s secluded cabin would be the perfect safe haven. But the biggest threat prowling this mountain isn’t bikers or lions or bears—it’s Daddy Niklaus.

This grumpy mountain Daddy always gets what he wants, and he’s decided that’s me … but he’s not planning on keeping me just for the holidays. And me? Well, I’m up to snow good.

Up To Snow Good is a holiday DD/lg romance prequel novella in the Lumbersnack Daddies of Montana series. It features consenting adults and includes lots of spice, a significant age gap, a little suspense, a ton of bratty behavior, and a stern Daddy with a very twitchy palm.

DD/lg Reverse Harem/Why Choose
novel coming soon!

About Bunny

Bunny La Rue writes bossy Daddy Doms, overbearing Alphas, and Littles with ’tude. Bunny’s books are short, but rarely sweet, so expect lots of spice, a little suspense, bratty behaviour, and Daddies with twitchy palms.

Bunny La Rue is the naughty pseudonym of a USA Today and international bestselling author of over twenty-eight dark romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels.

When she’s not writing, she’s usually thinking about writing, baking cookies, or getting up to enough mischief to earn herself a good spanking.