Writing is hard,
and editing can be hell.
Let Tough Cookie Editing
make your path to publishing
a little sweeter.

Tough Cookie specializes in dark romantic suspense, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, and fantasy.

Line Editing

$0.014 USD/word

Let’s bake magic!

At Tough Cookie Editing our line and copy editing service includes checking your spelling, grammar, consistency, punctuation, repetition, unnecessary wording, and awkward phrasing. I also focus on verb tense, transitional phrasing, and continuity.

While I don’t do content editing specifically, I will always pick up on plot structure, plot holes, and development, as well as characterization and individual character arcs.

Think of a Tough Cookie line edit like perfectly baked cookies from the oven with an extra helping of choc chips. Mmm … cookies.


$0.006 USD/word

Think of Tough Cookie Editing’s proofreading services as the glossy icing on your already polished your manuscript.

Our proofreading service includes checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement, though we often pickup any little inconsistencies in plot or characterization through this service too.

Proofreading is only applicable to manuscripts that have already undergone editing either through Tough Cookie Editing or another editing house—sorry, folks, having your bestie read it doesn’t count here.

Sample Edit

Want to request a sample edit to ensure that Tough Cookie Editing is the editor for you? Great! We charge $30 for the first chapter (limit of 7000 words). We require all new clients to book a sample edit. This is to ensure Tough Cookie Editing’s ability to complete your edits in a timely manner. Additionally, it helps to make your editor aware of your manuscript's needs so there are no unexpected surprises.

Once the sample is complete and the client has secured their booking, the $30 USD will be deducted from the final invoice.

To request a sample edit, please email toughcookieediting@gmail.com.


Balance is due upon invoicing.
I invoice and accept payment through PayPal or via bank transfer (for Australian clients only).
Full payment will be required before release of the final manuscript.
No refunds will be given.
Minimum price for all editing services is $75 USD.

I’ll ready the whip and extra choc chips.

But seriously, you have all the right ingredients, so if you’re prepared to take your novel from unpolished to published, email me at toughcookieediting@gmail.com, or find me on Facebook and Instagram.